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TYCOR INTERNATIONAL FILM COMPANY, INC. (TIFC) is a boutique, independently owned, creative and dynamic film, television and new media company. Established in 2004 by Producer TY Walker, and with offices in Atlanta Georgia, Los Angeles California and New York City, the award-winning company has become a leading producer, dedicated to developing astounding and revolutionary projects through feature length and short films, documentaries, commercials, television content and music videos.

TIFC produces projects using the latest technologies, state of the art production equipment, facilities, and skilled professionals to reassure that the end result represents the vision initially conveyed by its creator. We take pride in collaborating with filmmakers and bringing forth their creative visions. Our team includes some of the industry’s best writers, directors, producers, post specialist and filmmakers. We continuously work to explore and develop the best techniques for a unique creation process.

TIFC has produced all over the world and has vast production resources in most countries and has a strong presence in many growing multicultural markets.

TIFC prides itself on being distinct and original while maintaining the core values that have been the foundation of the industry since its inception. With the creativity, professionalism, and unique approach that TIFC brings to the industry, we are able to create innovative, high-quality, powerful, and entertaining productions. We assure thoroughness in all our projects from concept creation to distribution. It is our goal to deliver in a way that keeps our audiences entertained while piquing their interest to anxiously await the next project.